Personal growth is important. I have planned to read 12 books this year. These are very diverse – very large, sometimes “just” a small handbook. Topics range from eating habits to wine, biographies, psychedelics and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s something that has fascinated me for a long time.

That is why I started the year with “Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0” by Jim Collins and Bill Lazier. The book is a new edition of a 1992 classic, supplemented by the new insights/views of 2020. I hadn’t read the original, but what was exciting for me in the new edition was that the concepts from then are timeless and still apply . In my opinion, the book is well written, easy to read and contains many examples. As a reader, you never get bored. 

It’s a thought provoking book, and the examples such as “Innovation Manifesto” or “The Map” (containing the key concepts of Collins decades of research) can be put into practice. Cool examples that I would like to incorporate into my work.

Of course, the book provides a roadmap to create a company that not only survives its infancy but thrives, changing the world for decades to come . So if you’re asking yourself now: “I am a lateral leader… Is the book suitable for me?”I would say: YES! It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to build a successful business and create a lasting impact. When it comes to leadership, it is recommended to cultivate your own style; don’t try to be someone you’re not or to take on a style that doesn’t fit.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Mindset is everything! As an entrepreneur or leader, it gives you inspiration for your personal development, as an employee the incentive to make a difference. Values come first – and all else follows. Values before goals, strategy, tactics, products, market choices, financing, business plany. Values before every decision.

A lot to think about and reflect on, which is good.

“You start at the bottom. And even though you see stuff ahead you know you can’t climb, you go and you go and you go until you can touch the obstacle – and more often than not, when you get that close, there’s a way past. If you turn back before you can put your nose against it, then you’re giving up.”

Tom Frost in Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0, p.139

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