Let’s talk about how quest.inspiique.ch works… It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. You can spin the carousel left or right to scroll through the questions OR you face a Random question OR you choose one from the Top 100 List or the Tag Cloud
    Pro Tip: Random Mode is really funny when you use it in a group or as an icebreaker-question in a meeting/workshop
  2. Wanna see a question rise through the ranks? Give the question a Like.
  3. If that isn’t enough, you can boost an answer by financing an answer via paypal or via scanning the Swiss-QR-bill-Code(see below) in your mobile banking app.
    In order to assign the received payment to the correct question, please add the respective title or QID as a notice, e.g. «QUEST.INSPIIQUE.19»
  4. Score is re-calculated weekly and uses received payments or likes as input criteria.

Hinweis: In dieser Serie der Zukunftsfragen versucht der Autor spontan seine Sicht auf die entsprechenden Fragen niederzuschreiben. Was gerade dazu einfällt. Mal mehr – und mal weniger. Die Diskussion ist eröffnet!

Featured Image: by Flavio x Dall-E (Human & AI)


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