If you constantly think that you are surrounded by idiots, you may give a try to Thomas Erikson’s book “Surrounded by idiots”. Erikson is a Swedish behavioral expert, active lecturer, and bestselling author. This short review may help you finding out if you should or should not give it a try.

Why did I buy the book?

Simply because the title caught my eye.

What is the book about?

The book describes a tool to categorize human behavior into four different types: red, yellow, green, and blue. It is loosely coupled with the DISC method. People will be categorized into one (or most often two) of behavioral groups. It gives you practical information on how to interact with others.

The writing is easy to understand and often amusingly written. While reading you may recognize yourself and your fellow mates in an entertaining way. It reminds you that no people are the same (thank god!), often sharing other values and beliefs than you. This makes it sometimes harder to work with them. But with some it is quite easy to go along… In my point of view, there are too many (fake?) real-life stories. The repetitive character also made it sometimes boring to read. The book is not really based on a scientific approach and does not give many references to dig further in this topic.


If you think you can just categorize others and act according to the book, you are wrong. Stereotypes are perhaps a first, rough tool. At the end of the day, we are all unique! What I have learned in the context of a further education in intercultural communication is to be mindful in communication respectively in dealing with others. Your own culture and what you have experienced from an early age makes you who you are. There is not only your truth here. It might be different.

If you have never dealt with intercultural communication, DISC model or human behavior, this book might help you to find your way into better understanding people. In any other circumstances I do not recommend it.


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